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[VID]n introduction to the core the craniosacral system.mp42021-02-28 13:54 273M 
[VID] 10:26 220M 
[VID]ghetto ass monkey.mp42021-01-21 06:11 3.2M 
[VID]bigfoot sighted from helicopter.mp42021-04-05 15:23 659K 
[VID]Voyaging on the Mystical Ark of Noah -- Hugh McCague.mp42021-01-02 12:41 52M 
[VID]Visit to Cedar Point 1968.mp42021-02-04 10:06 97M 
[VID]Using Astrophotography Tool - Setting Up Plate-Solving in Point Craft.mp42020-04-09 20:24 17M 
[VID]Using Astrophotography Tool - Plate Solving (Point Craft).mp42020-04-09 20:24 12M 
[VID]Using Astrophotography Tool - Focus.mp42020-04-09 20:24 7.2M 
[VID]Using Astrophotography Tool - Creating Flats.mp42020-04-09 20:24 6.9M 
[VID]Using Astrophotography Tool - Automatic Meridian Flip.mp42020-04-09 20:24 24M 
[VID]Using APT - Dithering.mp42020-04-09 20:24 9.2M 
[VID]Using APT - Auto Focus Aid (with ASI EAF autofocuser).mp42020-04-09 20:24 11M 
[VID]The Third Industrial Revolution A Radical New Sharing Economy.mp42021-01-26 10:28 652M 
[VID]Teresa with Alex Paydoh.mp42021-01-18 07:32 724K 
[VID]Stevie Ray Vaughan Live @ Starwood Amph. Nashville, TN 09 06 1987.mp42021-01-21 06:11 265M 
[VID]Stacking & Aligning Astro Photos in Nebulosity4 Tutorial.mp42021-01-21 06:15 27M 
[VID]SilverCord.mp42021-01-03 12:16 55M 
[VID]NewNeighbors.mp42021-01-21 06:11 131M 
[VID]My first astronomy images with Mead DSI II camera.mp42021-01-21 06:11 12M 
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[VID]Lucifer and Associated Lies against Freemasonry.mp42021-01-18 07:32 75M 
[VID]Lizard Man Caught on Tape !!!!!.mp42021-04-05 15:24 1.0M 
[VID]Laser collimation check of Stellarue SV102A Refractor.mp42021-01-21 06:11 4.2M 
[VID]Esoteric Symbols.mp42021-01-02 12:41 23M 
[VID]Defunctland The History of Cedar Point's Disaster Transport.mp42021-02-04 10:05 41M 
[VID]Cedar Point Documentary The Tale Of Cedar Point.mp42021-02-04 10:07 266M 
[VID]Beatles on Apple blg in London.mp42021-01-21 06:10 69M 
[VID]Astrophotography Image Noise Reduction by Stacking.mp42021-01-21 06:11 14M 
[VID]Astronomy Test - Stacked Short Subs vs 1 Long Exposure.mp42021-01-21 06:11 28M 
[VID]Advanced Newtonian Collimation.mp42021-01-21 06:11 57M 
[VID]16 Reasons Your Astrophotos SUCK.mp42021-01-21 06:11 40M 

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