Mars Perseverance Orbiter beacon signal detected

On February 18, 2021 I used my SDR# (Software Defined Radio) software to pick up the Perseverance orbiter radio beacon signal when the Perseverance lander was landing on Mars. As a HAM radio operator, I have do have some experience in SDR, as I usually use it to pick up and record NOAA weather satellite signals, decode them, and then generate weather images. Here is the signal as recorded live. The antenna was an M2 satellite antenna on the roof.

NASA Mars Perseverance probe frequency log Feb 18 2021:

Relay orbiter Freq 437.512.500
Orbiter beacon freq detected on 437.516.100 – blip every 20 sec. (DSB on SDR#)


The threat of AI

When London’s Metropolitan Police Department announced its decision to adopt the controversial and intrusive ClearView AI surveillance system at the end of January, a global cacophony of protest erupted. Concerns, fear and trepidation surrounding facial recognition technologies, especially those like Clearview which can ID people in real-time, have been simmering for decades, but the Met’s decision has finally caused public outrage to boil over. But how did we even get to the point where a relatively unknown startup managed to enact one of tentpoles of futuristic dystopia and begin marketing it to aspiring dictatorial regimes, all while earning the wrath of national governments and tech industry titans alike?

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