The Sacred Instructions of the Great Spirit to the Native American Tribes

Many Native American tribes embrace and revere a list of Sacred Instructions given to them by the Great Spirit at the time of Creation. It’s their belief that following these instructions can perpetuate the Sacred Hoop, the Creator’s intended cycle of life, that will end only if we allow it. This list is so eloquently simple that I can’t help but think—shame on any of us who can’t be bothered to follow these instructions, no matter what our culture or religion, because they’re so little to ask in exchange for the possibility of saving our Earth: • Take care of Mother Earth and the other colors of man. • Respect Mother Earth and creation.

• Honor all life, and support that honor.

• Be grateful from the heart for all life. It is through life that there is survival. Thank the Creator at all times for all life.

• Love, and express that love.

• Be humble. Humility is the gift of wisdom and understanding.

• Be kind with one’s self and with others.

• Share feelings and personal concerns and commitments.

• Be honest with one’s self and with others.

• Be responsible for these sacred instructions and share them with other nations.

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